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Theory Worksheet 6: Enharmonics

Theory Worksheet 6: Enharmonics

2 pages of exercises explaining what Enharmonics are.

These worksheets are aimed at students who are complete beginners, aged 5 upwards and are ideal for teachers looking to explain basics of the theory of music 1 step at a time.

The student works through each worksheet, learning one rule at a time. By the end of the series, the student should be able to accurately identify whether an interval is major or minor in any key and, crucially, understand why.

Worksheet 6 from How Music Works Theory Worksheet series.

About the author: Richard McLester is Director of Music & Choirmaster at St Peter's Parish Church in Poole. He wrote these worksheets as he deals with children and adults of varying musical abilities and needs to bring all of them to the same standard as quickly as possible.

Licences. Student Licence is for personal use (limited to 1 photocopy). Teacher Licence is for group or professional use (unlimited photocopies).

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